Farming to Create Heaven on Earth

Shizen Nouhou or “Natural Agriculture” has many different faces. As the name suggests, it is a way of growing food similar to other ecological farming methods, such as organics and biodynamics. But it is also a way of eating, a way of cooking, and a way of thinking about food. It is practiced by farmers and consumers alike, by individuals as well as entire communities. In fact, with each new person involved, Natural Agriculture takes a new shape. That’s because Natural Agriculture is not just a set of actions, it is a whole philosophy, brought to life through our relationship with food.

Founded in post-WWI Japan by farming pioneer and spiritual leader Mokichi Okada, Natural Agriculture is now practiced throughout the world. “Farming to Create Heaven on Earth” is an exploration of the philosophy in all its modern applications, from a CSA that feeds 1,500 families in Tokyo to a high-desert garden in the wilds of Southern Colorado. Illustrated with more than one hundred color photographs, the book profiles dozens of different Natural Agriculture farmers and consumers and how they guide their lives with this unique philosophy.


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